It’s fitting that Friday the 13th happens in October. Check out the spooky events and more on the full events calendar here. Got an event to share. Submit it to our site here.

Some Highlights for this week and weekend:

That’s Rentertainment Pop Up – Before there was Netflix, there was That’s Rentertainment, the best place to rent DVD’s for any class project or interest. They closed a few years back but were unable to sell most of their titles. They are giving it another go this weekend.

It’s October and Friday the 13th, so you know there are some haunted houses to visit. The one at the County Fair Grounds could be your place to get scared this weekend. Or if you prefer to sit and be scared, then consider the All Nite Horror Marathon at the Art Theater.

Do it yourself? Check out the Heartland Makerfest, featuring makers from all parts of the Midwest in downtown Urbana. From cottage industry to high-tech, there is something for every DIYer at the Makerfest.


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